We are a overly passionate husband and wife team, who's had the privilege of working together since 2010, capturing beautiful, natural and real moments as they take place. We are completely infatuated by love, laughter, living and everything in between. Our life philosophy is to make the best out of every second of our existence on this majestic God-given earth.

We were blessed to be able to finally marry each other in 2011, after being high-school sweethearts for seven amazing years. This experience gave us a totally new perspective on weddings as we experienced first hand the emotion, excitement and plethora of other feelings you go through on this monumental occasion. This gave us so many new insights as to what our clients go through on their wedding day.

The Lord also blessed us with two amazing children, an amazing little boy named Matthew and his baby sister Emily, which made us appreciate the true meaning of unbounded love and family even more.